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New Merchant of Venice tackles antisemitism through a Jewish mother

Bad timing for a play mired in antisemitism? BEN MARGALITH, director of a new production of Shakespeare’s most controversial play, doesn’t agree.

Could a Jewish ‘Dark Lady’ be the secret author of Shakespeare’s plays?

Emilia Bassano sounded like a “woke fantasy” when playwright JOHN WARSZAWSKI first heard of her. He tells DEBORAH STONE why he is bringing her to life.

The Merchant of Venice is ours to interpret and retell but not to discard

DEBORAH STONE has mixed feelings about its omission from a new collection: In the age of cancel culture, it is too easy to lose swathes of history while taking offence at aspects of a work

Author omits Merchant of Venice from children’s book of Bard’s plays

Sir Michael Morpurgo says the ‘anti-Semitic’ play is ‘too raw to write about for children’ and it would be offensive to include it in a book for young people

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