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Israeli field hospital in Ukraine due to open today

As teams arrive, debate rages over Israel’s divisive refugee policy: government tells High Court not to intervene, David Grossman expresses ‘deep sense of shame’

Ashamed no more: The Arab lawmaker challenging Israel’s old politics

Criticised by right-wing Israelis and left-wing Arabs, Ibtisam Mara’ana makes no apologies for serving as a Labor MK or for her vision for a society where Jews and Arabs are equal

Australian Joseph Gutnick funds campaign to shame Netanyahu rival

As Yamina leader Naftali Bennett meets Arab party leader Abbas for the first time, Gutnick wants to pressure him to join Likud by shaming...

The French village that bares its soul over the Holocaust but then covers it up

MICHAEL OREN: A French TV drama shows courage in depicting the scope of the country’s WW2 crimes, which it then washes away in a bizarre assertion of moral equivalence

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