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Israel 2048: A ticking Haredi time bomb

Today Haredim make up 13% of Israel's population. By 2048, that number will have almost doubled, an increase that will change the socio-political character of the state. COLIN SHINDLER ask whether Israel can survive its demographic trajectory.

Bombshell court ruling disqualifies Deri from serving as a minister, escalating justice war and threatening coalition

Israel’s High Court has ruled that it was “extremely unreasonable” for Benjamin Netanyahu to appoint a minister who is a serial offender. Ayreh Deri is the leader of the 11 Shas Knesset members who are essential to the Prime Minister’s coalition.

‘Go now’: Boris, like Bibi, doesn’t care for the greater good, only his own

r marked by a reluctance to step down from public office, and using ambiguity to delay the day of reckoning

Netanyahu and corruption: No-one can be above the rule of law

COLIN SHINDLER: In a wave of dissent that bridges Left and Right, at home and abroad, Israelis have declared they cannot stomach the odour of corruption surrounding their leader

Arabs and Haredim: A tale of two minorities

ITTAY FLESCHER: The different paths chosen by Haredim and Arabs in their struggle for equality is what determined Israel’s elections

The hidden reason why Israel has had a rush of extreme religious bills

The recent rash of extreme religious bills is a symptom of the growing internal divisiveness and increasingly empowered “extreme” factions since the death of previous leaders

Victory for Haredim after law passed against Shabbat mini-marts

The controversial legislation, proposed to appease Shas, exposes another blurring of between religion sand state

New Shabbat work laws to appease Haredim after shock resignation

In effort to shore up coalition after Health Minister was ordered to quit, Netanyahu says infrastructure work will be banned but supermarkets can stay open

Opposition demands fresh elections as PM cries media conspiracy

Despite the evidence, opinion polls still show support for the PM. Even if he is ousted, Israeli and Palestinian observers doubt what benefits his successor could deliver.

Renewed efforts to topple Western Wall compromise, private conversions

Israeli cabinet approved compromise plan in January 2016 and must respond now to High Court of Justice petitions against failure to implement it. Rabbinate and...

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