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Shaul Arieli

Big result claimed for small land swap in West Bank

ELHANAN MILLER: Shaul Arieli argues Israel could solve its territorial dispute with the Palestinians by swapping a tiny portion of the West Bank

Have the expansionists won?

Since capturing the West Bank in 1967, Israelis have clashed over what to do with it. The expansionists won. – Dan Ephron – The...

Religious-messianic nationalism endangers the Jewish state

Those undermining the Jewish State – Shaul Arieli – Haaretz 25.08.16 Proponents of religious-messianic nationalism, key partners in the Israeli government, are making a dangerous...

An unwise fixation with settlement ‘blocs’

West Bank settlement blocs blocking progress toward Israeli stability – Shaul Arieli – Haaretz 13.03.16 Israel’s fixation with “the blocs” harms its own interests in...

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