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‘I’ve already prepared the wheat and lentils for sowing’

After 20 years, and a decade of legal battles, the illegal settlement of Amona has been evacuated and the land returned to its Palestinian...

Bennett hails step toward annexation in West Bank

A last-minute coalition compromise removed the so called ‘Amona article’ from the Regularisation (or Regulation) Bill, which would have overturned longstanding High Court of...

Legalise for West Bank settlers but not for Israeli Arab citizens?

Treating Amona and Tira as equals - Yaron London – Ynetnews 02.08.16The Knesset's new ‘regularisation bill’ seeks to legalise the status of a few...

Leadership battle within Hamas

Inside Hamas, a bitter and very personal battle for control – Avi Issacharoff – The Times of Israel 19.03.16 Qatar-based political smoothie Khaled Mashaal is...

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