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Simon Schama

Historian Simon Schama to launch project to save Europe’s synagogues

The project, commissioned by the Foundation for Jewish Heritage, has received the backing of more than 40 high-profile supporters

Schama’s Jewish history: Mystics, false messiahs and boxers

Renowned historian SImon Schama picks up the story from the Spanish Inquisition of 1492 and trails it to the brink of the 20th century

Commemoration kicks off of world’s first Jewish ghetto

Venice marks 500th anniversary of 1st Jewish ghetto – JTA 30.03.16 ‘The institution of the Venice ghetto, and of all the others that were created...

Brits deal blow to BDS

In a blow to BDS, big time Brits - like J.K. Rowling - boo boycott – Jewish Journal 24.10.15 More than 150 British artists, intellectuals,...

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