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Redrawing Judaism: ancient sketch shows God with a penis and a wife

Is that drawing found in the Sinai a 3,000-year-old picture of God, his penis and his wife depicted by early Jews?

Why I chose to spend Pesach in Egypt

When we sang “Next year in Jerusalem” in Melbourne last year, my wife and I never imagined that the following Pesach we would be running a Seder for 40 Israelis in Egypt

Report: Israel attacked over 100 ISIS targets in Sinai with Egypt’s OK

The New York Times story claims the attacks occurred over two years. The Israeli Censor’s Office has stopped local media from reporting on the alleged operations

Egypt a victim of its own long-term neglect of the North Sinai

The country’s leader Sisi must remember something his predecessors forgot: the Bedouin tribes of North Sinai could be his allies

Behind the ‘last secret’ of the Six-Day War

The story behind Israel’s atomic explosion plan – Ben Caspit – Al-Monitor 05.06.17 For many years, Israel tried to prevent Brig. Gen. Yitzhak Yaakov from...

‘Last secret’ of the 1967 War

‘Last secret’ of 1967 War: Israel’s doomsday plan for nuclear display – William J. Broad & David E. Sanger – The New York Times...

Developments on Israel’s borders – Hezbollah, Hamas, Daesh

Hezbollah to move into South Syria, just across Israel border – Judah Ari Gross – The Times of Israel 08.09.16 IDF says it’s watching and...

Gaza – two years ago and now

While Netanyahu is busy bragging to the press, Hamas is building army outposts – Amos Harel – Haaretz 30.07.16The threat posed by Hamas' Gaza...

Egyptian peace initiative still far from finish line

Egyptian peace initiative for Israelis, Palestinians still far from finish line – Barak Ravid – Haaretz 17.07.16 Netanyahu prefers Cairo’s initiative to the French alternative....

What’s going on with Egypt and Hamas?

Egypt and Hamas - cooperation in the works? – Omar Shaban – Middle East Institute 16.06.16 Egypt’s relationship with Hamas is taking a new direction...

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