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You come to sing: Kehilat Kolenu, the Melbourne congregation with a difference

BENJAMIN PREISS: Kolenu has struck a chord with young Jews craving something different. Its co-founder talks about the secret of its success and post-Covid future

‘Our goal is to make people leave their prejudices outside, and come in to sing and connect’

ELHANAN MILLER joined nearly 1000 Israelis in Jerusalem who felt the love at the inter-faith singing event Koolulam which is sweeping Israel., WATCH THE VIDEO

A ‘painful’ challenge: The Singing Rabbi’s daughter on her father’s sexual misdeeds

Neshama Carlebach has made her first public statements about the alleged sexual misbehaviour of her father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

WATCH: parents serenade their baby with Matisyahu’s ‘One Day’

Israeli parents serenade baby with cutest rendition of ‘One Day’ – Thea Glassman – The Forward 03.08.16Israeli parents serenade their baby in a car...

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