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Six-Day War (1967)

Two-state advocates must address security & multiple constituencies

Yom Kippur for the ‘Peace Camp’ – Ned Lazarus – Israel Policy Forum/Matzav Blog 11.10.16 The Day of Atonement this year was bookended by a...

How a moral self-image obstructs recognition of harsh domination

How peace masks Israel’s true colors – Eva Illouz – Haaretz 02.07.16Peace, for Israel, has been a crucial aspect of its self-image, to itself...

New phase in chequered history of Africa and Israel?

Prior to 1967, Israel built strong ties with many independent African states, providing development and military aid, and receiving support at the UN in...

‘Trouble in the Tribe’: a review

Is the American Jewish pro-Israel consensus dying? – Raphael Magarik – Haaretz 12.04.16 In his new book, ‘Trouble in the Tribe’, Prof. Dov Waxman argues...

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