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CROSSROADS21: Australians want the swastika banned – surprise findings in Plus61J survey

DASH LAWRENCE: A landmark survey of Australian attitudes to Jews, antisemitism and Israel reveals nuanced sympathies that challenge media cliches

CROSSROADS21: Substantial majority of Australians want the swastika banned

The strength of the response is a clear indication of support against anti-Semitism, reports Michael Visontay

CROSSROADS21: Australians hold balanced sympathies over Israeli-Palestinian conflict

But Australians’ interest in the Middle-East is low, with only 15% saying they knew much at all about the region, the Crossroads21 survey has found. Michael Visontay reports

CROSSROADS21: Survey finds low level of anti-Semitism in Australian society

MICHAEL VISONTAY: A large majority of Australians have a positive attitude to Jewish people, and came out strongly against negative stereotypes

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