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Amnesty-led statement of solidarity with Gaza ignores Hamas atrocities

The Australian human rights group has led a statement signed by 100 groups that omits Hamas’ massacres; Yuval Noah Harari ‘devastated’ at global left-wing indifference.

Senator Lidia Thorpe prompts reflection on Aboriginal and Palestinian solidarity

ollowing a surprising response from Indigenous senator LIDIA THORPE at Limmud Oz, ITTAY FLESCHER considers the analogies between Aboriginal, Jewish and Palestinian experience.

Hundreds attend Brooklyn rally for solidarity with Jews

Anti-hate rally draws people from across religions and races, as police find Monsey attacker kept journals with Hitler references; anti-Semitic graffiti daubed in London and Athens

Hundreds of Israelis join Palestinians in day of solidarity in Ramallah

Fatah official says presence of Israelis at solidarity event proves there is a partner for peace; activists boo Neturei Karta rabbi slating ‘Zionist entity’

Poles apart still on their country’s history

The Polish Republic of Untruth – Konstanty Gebert – Moment Magazine 2017 January-February The new government has repeatedly told Poles—and the world—that Poland has nothing...

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