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Spain sparks outrage over antisemitic definition of the word ‘Jew’

The Royal Spanish Academy defines Judío as “a shrewd, greedy person”, and Judiada as “a loathsome trick that harms someone”.

Military court says Spaniard accused over NGO fundraising not tied to groups

After ministers say woman's plea deal proves designation of six Palestinian groups as terror groups was justified, court reaffirms she had no ties to them

Israel to back Palestinian NGOs’ terror label through conviction of Spanish woman

The Spanish citizen was a fundraiser for one of the six NGOs but didn’t belong to any of them, and was unaware that the funds she raised had been transferred to the PFLP

How the Spanish ‘Angel of Budapest’ saved thousands of Jews

Thousands of Holocaust survivors escaped the Nazis thanks to Spanish diplomat Angel Sanz Briz. But he is hardly known in Spain today

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