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Maccabiah is no anachronism: it deserves support and affection

Maccabiah is no anachronism: it is a much-loved festival of community sport, particularly for Australians, writes ASHLEY BROWNE.

Maccabiah is an idea whose time has gone

IDO RAKOVSKY argues the ‘Jewish Games’ are a political and sporting anachronism that should be ended in a dignified manner.

A religious team refused to play against this Israeli girl. She’ll see them in Court

A religious boys' team from a West Bank settlement refused to play basketball against 11-year-old Ayala Yamin. Now she’s taking the Israeli youth league to court, challenging its discriminatory bylaw

Online panel: Pandemic poses existential threat to Australian sport

Some of our sporting codes are in a life and death situation thanks to Covid-19. That was the takeaway from an online discussion hosted by Plus61JMedia, reports Dash Lawrence

The spectacular rise and fall of rugby league chief Todd Greenberg

Although the NRL boss made the game more inclusive, his unwillingness to make tough decisions led to a loss of confidence in him, writes Nick Tedeschi

Australian Jewish museums close, sport suspended, schools prepare

Sydney and Melbourne museums close, Jewish day schools remain open but will use remote teaching platforms if forced to close, community rallies to help isolated and older people

Israeli sports groups at risk if they hold events on Sabbath

New regulations that condition government funding for sports associations on not holding competitions on the Sabbath threaten to financially destroy entire organisations

Sport stories capture interweaving of Australian and Jewish ways of life

MICHAEL VISONTAY ‘People of the Boot’ leaves a record of people whose histories must not be lost, said author Malcolm Knox at the book’s Sydney launch this week

Beyond the stereotype: Jews in Australian sport

LISTEN: In the second of our original podcasts, Ashley Browne and Dashiel Lawrence discuss how they came up with the idea of their ground-breaking book, People of the Boot

Beyond the stereotype: A celebration of Jews in Australian sport

Another tile in the mosaic of Jewish contribution to Australian life was laid down last Thursday at the book launch in Melbourne of People of the Boot

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