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Israel blocked Ukraine from buying spyware, fearing Russia’s anger

Revelation of government’s refusal to let Ukraine use Pegasus spyware offers new insight into the complexity of Israel’s relationship with Moscow

Report: Israeli police used NSO spyware to hack phone of key figure in Netanyahu cases

Data was uncovered by investigators during NSO probe; FBI confirms it bought the spyware but denies using it; NSO offered cash for access to US mobile networks

NSO played key role in Israel’s gulf diplomacy, NYT finds

Saudi crown prince called Netanyahu to renew kingdom’s NSO spyware license; NSO chief calls blacklisting by US ‘an outrage,’ rejects ‘hypocritical’ criticism

Human Rights Watch official in Beirut hacked by NSO spyware

Lama Fakih, who heads the group’s Beirut office, was targeted at least five times, HRW and Amnesty found; NSO chair steps down, says departure...

Privacy advocates, Likud MK slam Israeli police use of NSO spyware on civilians

Police chief doesn’t deny use of spyware but says it wasn’t used against protesters; concerns that courts rubber stamped approval for draconian surveillance tools

Report: ‘Hungary and Poland bought NSO spyware after Netanyahu meeting’

Probe suggests some Pegasus attacks overlapped with meetings between Netanyahu and country leaders; Israeli military secretary spotted partying with NSO executives

US State Department phones hacked with NSO spyware

iPhones of at least nine US State Department employees were hacked by an unknown assailant using the Israeli firm’s spyware; human rights groups urge EU to sanction NSO

Apple files lawsuit against NSO group, saying US citizens were targets

NSO 'at risk of defaulting' after US blacklisting as Moody's ratings agency drops its credit rating for the spyware company

Report: Palestinian activists’ phones hacked with NSO spyware

Israel lobbying US to reverse blacklisting of NSO; Congressman leading call against firm says campaign is not against Israel but against out-of-control hacking

US blacklists Israeli NSO, Candiru spyware firms for harming ‘national security’

Commerce dept says NSO suspected of a link to ‘activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the US’; NSO founder steps down as CEO

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