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‘Dangerous hate crimes’ against Christians in Jerusalem

Since the beginning of the year, there have been five cases of vandalism or violence by Jews against Christians.

Statue honours indigenous Diggers who fought in Egypt, Palestine

STEVE MEACHAM: Australian sculptor’s artwork was printed with 3D technology in Israel. The model was 3D-scanned in Brisbane and the digital files sent to Tel Aviv; WATCH VIDEO

Instead of removing statues, use art to reinterpret them and enrich history

DEBORAH STONE: Put them in a museum, give them a new inscription; there are many ways to deal with problematic cultural artefacts, as Jews well know from history

WWI Aboriginal fighters honoured by Israel at centre near sea of Galilee

A statue titled The Aborigine and His Horse was dedicated last week in Tzemach 101 years after the fateful battle, in honour of the Aborigine soldiers who fought and fell in WWI

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