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A teacher’s view of the hardest subject to teach well

Visiting the camps left some students both shocked and empowered but there was little space to talk about the emotional impact, writes ITTAY FLESCHER, who taught at Melbourne Jewish schools for 15 years.

‘It’s time to normalise listening to and believing Jewish students’

ALISSA FOSTER: When we say the Melbourne Uni motion scares us, it is not because we want to stifle criticism about Israel, but because we are frightened.

Melbourne Uni condemns student union over call for Israel boycott

University leaders describe vote by student union as 'antisemitic'; Sydney Uni SRC passes resolution accusing Israel of genocide - NSW JBD says the motion highlights SRC's ‘gross double standards'

Harvard student develops website matching Ukrainian refugees with places to staypanel

Ukraine Take Shelter was built by Harvard student, Avi Schiffmann, who says there are more than 4,000 hosts on his ‘super-fast airbnb’

US VP attacked over reply to claim that Israel is committing ‘ethnic genocide’

Republicans slam Kamal Harris after she tells a student who invokes ethnic genocide that her 'truth cannot be suppressed'. WATCH VIDEO

‘Life in Israel doesn’t seem so good; I feel torn about returning home’

Israeli student DANIELLE SHAHAR, in Australia on exchange during the pandemic, reflects on the differences she’s noticed between the two societies

Israeli student designs protective masks with disinfectant case

Yael Mordechay was asked by her teacher to come up with something that could help humanity in an apocalypse. She finetuned her design with two labs in Japan

Students tell politicians: If you don’t act over climate, we will

The message from Friday’s student strike was loud and clear, writes OSCAR KASPI-CRUTCHETT, who marched in Canberra. WATCH VIDEO: Maddy Blay talks to Jewish students at Melbourne protest

Young Israelis and Palestinians build trust and talk peace

VIDEO: Some 150 university and high school students from both sides meet in Haifa to hash out trust building measures and practical solutions to the decades-long conflict

US rabbinical students reach out to Palestinians targeted by settlers

Study program for future rabbis now includes outreach to communities targeted by Jewish extremists, highlighting widening gap between American and Israeli Jews

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