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Why Succot in New Zealand is different from all other countries

NOMI KALTMANN: When New Zealand’s Jews finish Succot, their lulavs and etrogs are destroyed

Canada’s two main Jewish groups squabble over election on Succot

Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs clashes with B’nai Brith Canada as to whether there is enough provision for Jews to vote

California dreaming? The day I met a Chabadnik clutching a lulav at Carmel

Though she can still barely believe it, KATE ROSENBERG admits that her chance encounter at sleepy Pebble Beach gave her an unexpected spiritual moment

Dutch Protestants embrace Succot as bridge between earth and heavens

With a rising awareness of the environment, an increasing number of Protestants embrace some Hebrew holidays as a commonality between Judaism and Christianity

‘Jewniversal’ spirit celebrates Kesher Sukkot and Kabalat Shabbat

Around 60 people gathered in a house in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on Friday night to celebrate a Kesher Sukkot and Kabbalat Shabbat

Samaritans also celebrate Sukkot

Who are the Samaritans and why is their future uncertain? – The Economist 18.10.16 Most people only know Samaritans from a bit part in the...

Does Succot have Canaanite connection?

Why do Jews erect booths during Sukkot? - Elon Gilad – Haaretz 16.10.16 The Bible ties building booths on Succot to Exodus, but another explanation...

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