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Permanent regional forum announced after Israel-Arab summit

Foreign ministers of Israel, US and Arab nations emphasised cooperation on Iran; forum reflects changing Middle East order but absence of Palestinians can’t be ignored

Israel, Arab states discuss defence alliance, PA says Palestinians sidelined

Lapid says a nuclear Iran is a problem for the world, not just Israel; Palestinian Authority calls it a ‘harsh attack on Palestinians’

US Judaism’s summer of psychedelic love

MADISON MARGOLIN: The Jewish Psychedelic Summit heralded the reintegration of acid, ecstasy, and other consciousness-altering drugs into Jewish spiritual life

Scepticism over Netanyahu’s pledge to shut coal-based plants by 2050

Experts say PM’s renewable energy plan announced at a virtual climate summit convened by Joe Biden, doesn’t really exist

Visiting speaker: It’s time to mobilise over the climate emergency

‘We need a World War II level of climate organisation to protect ourselves,’ US advocate Margaret Salamon told a meeting in Melbourne on Wednesday night.

Time to make a difference: Australia’s Jewish social justice summit

MICHAEL VISONTAY: Leading social impact thinkers and advocates will come together in Sydney this month to discuss everything from refugees to climate change and homelessness

Warsaw Mideast summit: Saudis’ challenge to Netanyahu over peace

Envoy tells PM to solve the conflict as Europeans remain cool over US-driven summit, with Germany and France sending junior figures. Palestinians boycott event

Inspiring advocates share hard-won wisdom at Jewish social justice summit

From refugees to climate change, homelessness and gender, the passion of advocates at ‘Beyond The Tribe’ galvanised everyone who heard them speak in Melbourne over the weekend, writes MICHAEL VISONTAY

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