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Israel to start vaccinations on December 27

Authorities developing ‘green passport’ allowing inoculated people entry to malls and events; govt to start random testing of Palestinian workers for Covid at checkpoints

Corona: Israeli cases reach new highs; PA reinstates West Bank lockdown

Knesset passes temporary law allowing digital tracking by Shin Bet; ministers to discuss limiting gatherings at restaurants, event halls; Palestinians decide on five-day closure

Phone-tracking bill advances; warning of corona infection surge

Legislation passes first vote in Knesset, despite Shin Bet opposition; army opens more hotels for patients; social workers overwhelmed; Haredim push for closure of synagogues

Israel hit by corona second wave, hospitals told to prepare Covid wards

Medical centres told to prepare for ‘extreme scenario’, PA renews restrictions, closes shops in Hebron and Nablus; Shin Bet chief implores ministers not to renew surveillance

Israel slow to break corona infection chain; surveillance tracking to end

Blame game between government agencies as Shin Bet head ‘uncomfortable’ with bill to continue phone app tracking, prompting freeze in legislation

Committee OKs Shin Bet phone tracking; secret database exposed

Knesset committee gives approval until April 30 to locate potential carriers; Justice department rejects defence chief plan to collaborate with company to ‘grade’ cases

High Court intervenes after lawmakers attack phone-tracking of virus carriers

In overnight decision, High Court issues temporary injunction ruling that virus mass surveillance can’t continue without Knesset oversight

Netanyahu accused of eroding Israeli democracy via coronavirus response

The PM and his MKs have curtailed the Knesset, introduced emergency spy powers, and prevented Gantz from implementing the majority garnered by his opposition bloc

Worried about coronavirus, frightened of Netanyahu

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: No democratic government should be using surveillance against its citizens in violation of their fundamental rights. The High Court has stepped in to put a check on the PM but it is only temporary

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