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Sydney Jewish Writers Festival

David Baddiel: ‘I want to be seen as not just Big Mister Jew’

The British comedian wants to position Jews in contemporary conversations about minorities but by talking about more than Bradley Cooper's nose.

Personal narratives can soften even the hardest hearts 

Ahead of her Australian appearance, storyteller NOA BAUM spoke with ITTAY FLESCHER about how stories that divide Israelis and Palestinians can create a path...

Unmoored from Shalom, Limmud stays close to home this year

Facing transition in Sydney and a shortage of volunteers in Melbourne, Limmud Oz has opted for a less demanding and more intimate format.

How could he say no? The man who translated Harry Potter into Yiddish

AVIVA LOWY meets the remarkable Arun Viswanath, who grew up in New Jersey speaking Yiddish before English; his translation sold out in just two days

Rachel’s gift: Stories from the wrong side of history

To some people, knowing that your grandparents were Nazis would be a burden too difficult to share. To the acclaimed British novelist, it has been the source of a literary mission

Father and son: From Berlin to Shanghai, and on to Booktopia

Tony Nash will join his father Peter at the upcoming Sydney Jewish Writers Festival to discuss Peter's memoir about his escape from Nazi Germany and life in Shanghai during World War 2.

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