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How a project reconnecting Middle Eastern Jews to their former homes became big in Saudi Arabia

ELHANAN MILLER interviewed Mizrahi Jews about their former lives in Baghdad, Aleppo and even Port Sudan, and struck a chord in the Arab world.

Earthquake aftershocks: Jewish community losses, Israeli aid, and an unlikely moment of detente

The devastating earthquake in Türkiye and Syria has implications for both the local community and regional geopolitics.

Israel on alert over Putin’s nuclear threat to punish Ukraine for ruining his fantasy

COLIN SHINDLER: Security experts watch closely over fears that Putin's rhetoric may embolden Israel's enemies to acquire their own nuclear weapons

Israel shares an uncomfortable geopolitical stage with Russia

SHARON OFFENBERGER: Messy Mediterranean gas field deals and tacit co-operation in Syria have made Israel reluctant to be openly critical of Putin

Israeli-US farmer who masterminds international rescue missions

NOMI KALTMANN meets Moti Kahana, whose extraordinary success in organising the rescue of people trapped in dangerous Middle-Eastern countries has made him a figure of legend

Putin tells Bennett he will maintain ties with Israel, as well as its enemies

Russian leader hosts PM in Moscow, says he will maintain warm ties but is nobody’s friend

Syria accuses Israel of assassinating ex-security prisoner, intel agent

Midhat as-Saleh, once jailed in Israel on security-related crimes and since connected to Syrian intelligence, reportedly shot dead in town of Ain Eltinah

Israel secretly agreed to buy vaccines for Syria in deal to free woman

The deal with Damascus to secure the return of an Israeli woman who crossed the border raises an uncomfortable question for Netanyahu

Pompeo says Iran ‘ever more isolated’, US applies more sanctions

Speaking after meeting in Jerusalem, Secretary of State says Tehran’s influence waning after Israel's normalisation deals, and that US will formally declare BDS anti-Semitic

Signs that Trump is working on a Syria deal that includes normalisation

White House dealings with Syria spark speculation; Dominican Republic may shift embassy to Jerusalem; Abbas stews over role played by rival, Mohammed Dahlan, in engineering the agreements

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