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Tag Meir

Israel’s education system is blocking progressive messages 

BEN LYNFIELD: Israel’s Education Minister has banned bereaved Israelis and Palestinians from speaking to schoolchildren. Other liberal programs could face the same fate.

The Israeli human rights group that stands up to Jewish terrorism

Founded to support Palestinian victims of settler violence, Tag Meir is now fighting systemic problems.

Israelis pour in money, support to Palestinian victims in Huwara

VIDEO REPORT: ITTAY FLESCHER joins Israelis offering solidarity to Palestinian victims of this week’s settler rampage.

Why do Jews who speak out on human rights stay silent over Israel?

SHARON BERGER: We speak loudly over Australia’s refugee and indigenous policies but are unwilling to discuss settler violence and Palestinians. Debate is the first step to fixing what’s not right

‘Judaism Is Not a Murderous Religion’

The Israeli group that stands up to Jewish terrorism When hate crimes have been committed, the founder of Tag Meir explains, his organisation arrives as quickly...

50 acts for democracy and peace in this 50th year of the occupation

50 acts of resistance for 50 years of the occupation – Talia Krevsky & Dana Mandler – Haaretz 28.05.17 Thought the battle over 1967 was...

Ahmed Dawabshe, only survivor of his immediate family, leaves hospital

Year after firebombing that killed his family, Ahmed Dawabsha leaves hospital - The Times of Israel 22.07.16 6-year-old will require several hospital visits each week...

Building Ahmed Dawabshe’s future

Crowdfunding for good – The Forward 28.09.15 Israeli anti-racism group Tag Meir has raised 287,000 shekels for Ahmed Dawabshe, the Palestinian boy whose family...

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