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Why Israelis are marking October 7 with tattoos

As growing numbers ask for tattoos related to the traumatic events of October 7, tattoo artists ask them to consider their choice of image carefully.

Israeli court halts auction of Auschwitz tattoo kit after Holocaust survivors object

Outrage over sale of chilling artefacts; Archbishop of Canterbury apologises for comparing climate change to Holocaust; seven fined for antisemitic abuse of Miss France runner-up

Is the Jewish repulsion for tattoos losing its significance?

The popularity of tattoos among young Israelis is doing away with old taboos on tattoos

VIDEO: Up close with the world’s oldest tattooing family

Visitors to the Holy Land often get a tattoo on the inside of the wrist to mark the trip, and for 500 years, Razzouk's family has been the artists to go to

He’s got you under your skin: The Jew behind America’s tattoo culture

Fellow tattooer Don Ed Hardy talks about his collection of memorabilia of Lew the Jew''. the godfather of American tattooing

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