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The Gatekeepers

Then I started to question everything I was ever taught

I was taught to hate Palestinians - until I met one – Osnat Ita Skoblinski – +972 Magazine 26.06.17 I grew up believing the Arabs...

Palestinians don’t have to be antisemites to be anti-Zionists

Why Rabbi Sacks is wrong: Palestinians don’t have to be anti-Semites to be anti-Zionists – Peter Beinart – Haaretz 06.04.16 The former British chief rabbi...

Hannah Arendt + the real issue

Israel’s extreme right isn’t Jewish, it’s totalitarian – Carlo Strenger – Haaretz 20.12.15 Hannah Arendt makes clear the real issue: the hatred of pluralism and...

Ask Netanyahu about his core beliefs

What a liberal think tank should ask Bibi when he visits week – Peter Beinart – Haaretz 04.11.15 The Center for American Progress should...

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