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‘Wishful thinking’ that Hamas will sign a peace accord with Israel

COLIN SHINDLER: Fatah drifts in a nationalist limbo and Hamas pursues an Islamist mission against Israel. Yet the international Left cares more about resistance than reality

Emphatic victory for ‘the squad’ in US Democratic primaries

Rashida Tlaib wins almost two thirds of the votes in Michigan, while upset victory of BLM activist in Missouri could boost ‘squad’ numbers from four to five in next Congress

US Muslim congresswomen targeted in fake news operation

Australian researchers find Israeli-based group behind Facebook campaign to spread disinformation about Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Netanyahu keeps Trump happy but throws away credibility with the rest

ANALYSIS: Decision to ban Omar and Tlaib denies Israel the chance to even argue a coherent case again them. But is Trump more concerned about trapping Democrats?

Israel slammed over blocking visit by US lawmakers Omar and Tlaib

Top Democrats in Washington and even pro-Israel groups condemn overnight decision, after Trump said it would show "great weakness" to allow the visit

Arab Israeli lawmaker sends letter of solidarity to US congresswomen

Israel will allow Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to enter under waiver to controversial 2017 BDS law

Trump slammed for dragging Israel into US Democrat race squabble

After president demands four congresswomen ‘apologise to the people of Israel’, Netanyahu must decide whether to let two of them into Israel and West Bank

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