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Tomb of the Patriarchs

Hebron: a microcosm of the occupation

Hebron: the conflict in a nutshell – Eliyahu Kamisher & Adam Rasgon – Jerusalem Post 13.05.17 Ever since the Six-Day War enabled the return of...

Cycle of violence – déjà vu happening all over again?

Israel’s response to recent heinous incidents of Palestinian terrorism includes more settlement construction, more Area C demolitions, and more collective punishment, of assailants’ families...

Who is Israel’s ‘responsible adult’?

Who is Israel's 'responsible adult'? – Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor 25.01.16 In a society that veers right and within a party ruled by supporters of...

Netanyahu caves in to right-wing MKs over Hebron settlement expansion

Amid Hebron tussle, PM to give ministers power over West Bank disputes – The Times of Israel 24.01.16 Move to create ministerial panel will strip...

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