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Top tips to cope emotionally with the Israel-Hamas war

We can hold our fears, but it is important we also hold onto hope. Here are some strategies to help people find ways to stay positive.

Israel’s neglected mental health system struggles to help October 7 survivors

Some 100,000 people have been exposed to traumatic incidents since the outbreak of the war and the system is unable to deal with it.

Red lines slowly being drawn by US on Israel’s actions in Gaza

G7 and US stand by Israel while seeking a ‘pause’; UN backs Gaza death toll veracity; Israel considers whether showing graphic footage will give it more leeway to act.

‘We came back like humiliated rag dolls’: the shame of captured soldiers

Soldiers taken prisoner in 1973 were stigmatised for returning alive, regardless of torture. They tell EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON about their battle for recognition of their trauma.

Halle attack one year on: ‘We mourn, but as we mourn, we need to create’

MATI SHEMOELOF talks to Rabbi Jeremy Borovitz, a victim of the synagogue shooting, about the Sukkot Resilience Festival he organised to overcome the trauma of the attack

Pandemic may be harder for Israelis to face than war

Faced with violence, people instinctively pull together. But the virus turns loved ones into potential enemies. In Jerusalem, Ben Lynfield asks trauma experts about how best to cope

Israel/Gaza – can they see the suffering of the ‘other’? July 30, 2015

Israel/Gaza - can they see the suffering of the ‘other’?  - Yuval Avivi – Al-Monitor 24.07.15 Re some Israeli reactions to film “Shivering in Gaza”,...

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