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Elon Musk threatens to sue ADL for billions of dollars, blaming Jewish group for lost revenue

On Monday, Musk wrote at least 25 posts about the ADL or related topics on X — including one where he said he opposes antisemitism.

Jewish students sue Twitter over growing antisemitism

Twitter will need to confront its failure to moderate antisemitic content on its platform in Germany.

Writers should be held to account for social media as well as published work

MICHAEL VISONTAY: The writer and Tweeter are the same person. Louise Adler’s argument that one can be ignored in favour of the other is wilful blindness to toxic bigotry.

As antisemitism spikes on  Twitter, ADL calls for ad boycott

Jewish groups thought Elon Musk was listening to them about antisemitism on Twitter. Then Ye came back.

Palestinians, LGBT, women look down the barrel of Netanyahu far-Right coalition

Fears of increased violence and repression as post-mortem shows how the outcome could have been different with better strategy on the Left.

Twitter ‘Repentance Bot’ wants to teach people how to apologise

Twitter is the new place to atone, thanks to a bot programmed by Jewish coders who want users to apologise better.

Two million antisemitic tweets in two years: study shows rising hate

Tweets about Israel that were rife with antisemitic beliefs were posted almost every five seconds in 2020.

Young Jews call out TikTok antisemitism and Tweet Torah

‘Frum Twitter’ (aka Fritter) is the new study hall and TikTok the new platform for finding and fighting antisemitism

The most prized voter is ‘the 20-year-old who spends all day staring at their phone ‘

The power of social media to connect with unengaged young people, the swinging voters who decide elections, is still underestimated by older voters

Concerns that Musk’s takeover of Twitter may promote antisemitism

Observers says his theoretically admirable commitment to free speech could be horrendous in practice

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