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two-state solution

Support for non-democratic Israel overtakes two state solution

A new poll of Israelis and Palestinians shows support for two states has reached a historic low.

Israelis have dropped two-state solution for three-class society: Yuval Noah Harari

Sapiens author says many Israelis want one state with ‘Jews on top’.

What Australia could do to promote a two-state solution

In the wake of Australia’s decision to withdraw recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ITTAY FLESCHER offers some practical diplomatic steps for advancing the peace process.

Saudi Arabia won’t normalise relations with Israel until two-state solution reached

Saudis open airspace but say Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as the capital is the requirement for peace with Israel.

Dear Prime Minister: stay firm on Iran, give ‘strong leader’ wise counsel

PETER RODGERS offers a briefing note to the PM ahead of his visit to the White House: No mission creep on Iran, and remember your support of the two-state solution

Belief in two-state solution, on both sides, drops to lowest level in decades

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: A new survey finds that less than 50% of Israelis and just over 50% of Palestinians think a two-state plan is viable. But support increased by adding mutual incentives for both sides

Gideon Levy: Time to abandon the two-state solution

In an address at Sydney University, the Israeli journalist says discourse should shift to a one-state solution based on equal rights, and pressure must come from civil society beyond Israel or US

Should every peace movement have to address ‘the Occupation’?

The Israeli Women Wage Peace movement has been criticised for 'depoliticising' the struggle for peace. The group's leaders claim it has created a new form of politics that tries to reach beyond existing antagonisms

The no-state solution

The leader is worried. He grows tetchy. Investigations are closing in on him. Former aides, even a family member, are suspected of corrupt dealings...

Abbas feels that time is running out and prepares to give Trump team ultimatum on peace plan

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will reportedly present US envoys Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner with an ultimatum when they arrive this week: If no real progress is made on their peace plan within 45 days, he will go to the UN instead

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