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Ehud Barak warns Israel on ‘slippery slope’

Ehud Barak warns: Israel faces 'slippery slope' toward apartheid – Allison Kaplan Sommer – Haaretz 21.06.17 If Israel keeps controlling Palestinians, 'inevitable' result will be...

Does Israel have leaders able to make peace?

Netanyahu’s blueprint for a Palestinian Bantustan – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 06.06.17 How can the prime minister be considered a peacemaker if he never bothers...

Can Palestinian right of return issue be solved?

Can Palestinian right of return issue be solved? – Uri Savir – Al-Monitor 20.06.16 One of the main reasons for emphasis on the Arab Peace...

16 security chiefs – two states vital for Israel’s future

It’s time for separation: Two States for Two Peoples - The New York Times 29.03.16 Full page ad quotes 16 former heads of IDF, Shin...

To combat BDS, revive negotiations

To combat BDS, 'Solve the Palestinian Issue,' say top US and EU diplomats – Judy Malz – Haaretz 28.03.16 While expressing absolute condemnation of the...

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