The hopelessness of Palestinian youth

Palestinian reality is so fake it’s normal – Amira Hass – Israel Conference on Peace – Haaretz 11.10.15
Behind the events of October 2015 stands Palestinian youth, which grew up in the hopeless reality of the Oslo Accords. In East Jerusalem and elsewhere, they deal with checkpoints instead of a livelihood, a barrier instead of movement and a failed leadership instead of a state
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What ordinary Palestinians think about Jews, Israel and violence – Daniel Polisar – Los Angeles Times 10.11.15
Many surveys over a decade and a half show the recent attacks reflect a perspective widely shared in Palestinian society, which sees such actions as morally justified and worthy of support. Far from acting alone, today’s perpetrators are reflecting attitudes in their communities that have become entrenched over time. The process of altering them can only begin once they are recognised for what they are: a potent obstacle to a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Shin Bet: Hopelessness fueling recent Palestinian attacks – The Times of Israel 11.11.15
Security service says there’s no leadership or organization to ‘lone wolf’ terror wave that killed 11 Israelis in October

How a year of war and terror changed Arab-Israelis’ views of their country – Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) 12.11.15
Arab citizens of Israel don’t want to leave, but they feel alienated from the state, according to the latest Israel Democracy Index.