The million-dollar question

Bibi blames everyone but himself for recent violence – Shlomi Eldar – Al–Monitor 12.10.15
Even if all the actors that Netanyahu lists at every turn are indeed responsible for incitement, and even if it is done for political or diplomatic purpose, the million-dollar question remains: Are young Palestinians from the territories as well as young Palestinians in Israel only mounting attacks because of incitement?
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Coming days may see turning point in West Bank violence – Al-Monitor 08.10.15
As long as the major Palestinian organizations resist taking the lead in the current wave of violence and Israel restrains itself, it is still possible to avoid another new intifada.                                                                                                                                         

Shin Bet: Hamas, Islamic Movement fueling current wave of terror – The Times of Israel 11.10.15
Security officials say Abbas himself is not inciting Palestinians to attack Israelis, PA actually cracking down on violence