This Rosh Hashanah, pledge your support for independent Jewish journalism

This Rosh Hashanah pledge your support for independent Jewish journalism

The effort needed to maintain Plus61J Media requires ever-increasing investment. Our work delivers value to you, we now invite you to offer something in return

Plus61J Media was launched in 2015 to provide a more inclusive platform for news, voices and discussion about Australia, Israel and the Jewish world. From the start, we have been committed to generating critical discussion across the political divide, by engaging with multiple positions.

During the past eight years, Plus61J Media has changed the conversation across the spectrum of Jewish debate. During the pandemic we investigated a hidden underbelly of Australian anti-lockdown groups espousing antisemitic views; our three-part video series, Covid Courage: Stories of Sydney Jewry, was named Best Audio-Visual Report in the Multicultural NSW Media Awards and another video series, From their Perspective: Palestinian Citizens of Israel, won this year’s award.

On the political front, our coverage of the 2022 federal election led the way in highlighting how Jewish identity and Israel became a lightning rod for key battles between the “teal” and Liberal candidates who were contesting “Jewish electorates”. Our Crossroads surveys in 2021 and 2023 have raised independent research of attitudes to Jews, and by Jews, to a new level of engagement.

The quality of our journalism has been recognised by leaders in the wider media landscape. Michael Gawenda, former Editor-In-Chief of The Age, says: “Plus61J has become one of my favourite sources for news and commentary about Jewish life in Australia. The work it does offers independent, vigorous, sometimes critical coverage of trends, issues, and challenges that face Australian Jews. 

“Its coverage of Israel and the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is better than most of the coverage in the mainstream media. Its reporting and commentary about the deep connection between Australian Jews and Israel is nuanced and measured. Always worth reading even when you might disagree with some of the commentary. Plus61J is a great success story.”

But a strong independent media costs money. Since its inception, Plus61J Media has relied on private philanthropy, led by our publisher Uri Windt, to operate as an independent media publication.

Under this arrangement Plus61J Media has remained staunchly not-for-profit. We have not accepted paid advertising, nor sponsorships, and will not impose a paywall. We have been committed to making our journalism free and accessible to everyone.

Now, after eight years of operating solely on private funding, we are inviting our readers to make a financial contribution.

Why now?

The commitment needed to maintain our high standards requires ever-increasing investment – to expand our team of writers, enhance quality control, upgrade our website, to enable us to keep delivering the high-quality journalism you have come to expect.

In relation to technology, the breakneck speed of innovation means we require more funding just to keep up to date with website design, reader experience, digital features and social media platforms – let alone get ahead.

Your support – big or small, one-off or in a package – will enable us to continue to pay quality journalists, commission more special investigations and bring a diversity of views to the issues that matter to Australian Jews.

Uri Windt, publisher of Plus61J Media, says: “With your help, we will keep striving to deliver the journalism that enables our readers to be better informed about Israel and the Jewish world.”

Our team of journalists and media professionals is committed to what we do. We look forward to your continued engagement with our endeavour.

This Rosh Hashanah pledge your support for independent Jewish journalism, click here and make a monthly, annual or one-off donation before September 15.