Trump’s rise mirrors that of Israel’s Hard Right

How the rise of Trump mirrors the ascendance of Israel’s Hard Right – Bernard Avishai – Talking Points Memo 07.03.16
‘Menachem Begin had always been tortured by having left his family behind in Warsaw at the start of the war, by memories of the Gulag, by the bloody work of the Irgun underground in Palestine. He earned great sadness honestly. But Begin also knew that he had created, or at least unleashed, a kind of monster, whose name was Ariel Sharon… There are now a dozen little Sharons in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, talking tough against terror, channelling funds to settlements, repressing domestic opponents, and calling it Zionism.’
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And see: Obama sees Netanyahu as most disappointing of all Mideast leaders – report — The Times of Israel 10.03.16
The Atlantic: Israeli PM is ‘in his own category’ when it comes to those who frustrate US president; article cites ‘condescending’ lecture by PM, asserts that Obama sees Netanyahu as ‘too fearful and politically paralyzed’ to secure two-state solution.