US backs European Union move to distinguish Israel from West Bank

US backs European move to distinguish Israel from West Bank – The Times of Israel 20.01.16
State Department blasts ‘illegitimate’ settlement activity, says Washington does not consider product labelling a boycott. ‘We remain deeply concerned about Israel’s current policy on settlements, including construction, planning, and retroactive legalisations… settlement activity beyond the 1967 lines and efforts to change the facts on the ground undermine prospects for a two-state solution’
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Chinese leader calls for Palestinian state with East Jerusalem capital – The Times of Israel 22.01.16
Xi Jinping, on tour of the region that includes Iran visit, tells Arab League that China supports peace process

The incredible archaeological discovery made by the US Ambassador to Israel – Zvi Bar’el – Haaretz 20.01.16
‘Concerned and perplexed’ over Israel’s double standards? You don’t say, Mr. Shapiro.

Ambassador Shapiro’s mistake in being ‘correct’
– Shmuel Rosner – Jewish Journal 19.01.16
‘Yes, Israel has a settlement problem. As the ambassador said, it cannot claim that it wants a two state solution and then build settlements and decrease its ability to dismantle some of these settlements in the future. But with all due respect to the ambassador … I’m not sure that the US is currently in the best position to lecture Israel…’

Human Rights Watch report ramps up pressure on Israeli settlement activity
– Ron Kampeas – JTA 19.01.16
Recommends that businesses ‘avoid financing, administering or otherwise supporting settlements or settlement-related activities and infrastructure, such as through contracting to purchase settlement-manufactured goods or agricultural produce, to ensure the businesses are not indirectly contributing to and benefiting from such activities.’