US cuts Palestinian aid, Congress decries incitement

US sends ‘message’ to Abbas with $80 million aid cut – Julian Pecquet – Al-Monitor 22.10.15
The news of the 22% cut from the State Department’s initial request follows mounting criticism from Congress about Palestinian incitement                                                                                                 Read report here

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Bibi’s Holocaust comments muddle congressional case against Palestinian ‘incitement’ – Al-Monitor 21.10.15
Netanyahu’s assertion that a Palestinian mufti was responsible for the Holocaust risks undermining congressional efforts to lay the blame for the current violence squarely at the feet of the Palestinians.

US freezes $370m in aid to PA – Ynetnews 25.10.15                           The US House of Representatives took the rare step of blocking financial aid to the Palestinian Authority recently in light of the current string of violent attacks and incitement against Israel.