What causes anti-empathy in some?

David Harris-Gershon: Where has Jewry’s empathy gone? – JewSchool 17.11.15
When violence escalates, one might think the politically neutral call to arms should be that all killing is tragic and for both sides to cease. But that appeal is unfortunately precisely the one guaranteed to spark accusations of ‘equivocation’ from right-wing pro-Israel advocates. ‘This is not a matter of being misunderstood. It’s a matter of being first seen as the enemy, and then hit with the propagandist’s weapons: lies and distortions.’
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Jewish People’s Assembly called for Open Federations – JewSchool 17.11.15
Open Hillel and its community allies pushed the Jewish Federations of North America to support free speech and pluralism and to end restrictions against open discussion of Israel-Palestine.

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