Widening rift between American Jews and Israel

Widening rift between American Jews and Israel on painful display at Saban Forum – Chemi Shalev – The Forward 06.12.15
The 2015 Saban Forum has highlighted the great gap between large parts of the American Jewish and Democratic establishment and the powers that be in Israel’s ruling coalition. ‘It’s like Americans trying to warn Israelis that a train is coming while they’re still on the tracks’
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The US has realised what Israel really wants is a 1.5-state solution – Barak Ravid – Haaretz 07.12.15
The conclusion reached by Obama administration officials, as well as those who might hold key positions in the Clinton administration, is that the Democratic Party and the Israeli government are living on parallel universes that are drifting apart.

Most British Jews think Israel’s approach to peace harmful
November 14, 2015