Workers Advice Centre – ‘Bread and Roses’ in Ramat Gan

‘Bread and Roses’ in Ramat Gan – The Jerusalem Post 22.11.15
The exhibition, featuring works by local artists, is held annually by the Worker’s Advice Center to raise money for its Woman and Work initiative.
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And for other work by the WAC see: How income-security benefits are denied to the Palestinians of East Jerusalem – WAC-Maan 23.11.15
Separate bureaus and procedures; refusal by clerks to receive documents and allow submission of claims; refusal by the Employment Bureau to receive and handle job seekers; referrals to ‘fictitious jobs’; humiliating procedures at government offices; failure to respond to claimants’ representatives – by these methods the National Insurance Institute and the Employment Bureau withhold the socioeconomic safety net from Israel’s poorest… While over a quarter (26.5%) of all Israel’s poor (excluding East Jerusalemites) were found eligible for income-security benefits, only 7% of East Jerusalem’s poor receive them, although their poverty is more widespread and extreme. This discriminatory treatment is one of the factors turning East Jerusalem into a humanitarian disaster zone.