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Since its establishment in 2015, Plus61J Media has been an advocate in Australia’s Jewish community for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In 2023, Australians will vote in a referendum to change the country’s constitution. Our organisation takes a strong and unambiguous stance: Australia needs recognition of our First Nations people through a Voice to Parliament enshrined in our constitution.

In the coming months, we look forward to bringing you further updates on what our organisation is doing in Australia’s Jewish community to support and promote the YES campaign.But in the interim, read some of the many thought leadership pieces that our writers have contributed on First Nations people, supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the Yes Campaign.

Memory, land, justice: why every Jew should vote for an Indigenous voice

As a people intimate with powerlessness, endurance and the lure of ancestral land, Jews should respond with energy and empathy, writes RALPH GENENDE.

We need your community to actively pressure politicians

Australia is headed to a referendum and Indigenous Australians are expecting active support from the Jewish community.

How can non-Indigenous people be useful allies to Aboriginal people?

Useful suggestions for non-Indigenous Australians on showing respect and support for Indigenous Australians

‘Reconciliation is more than a word: it needs a voice’

THOMAS MAYOR: Australians have failed to achieve reconciliation because we are missing that final ingredient toward a settlement; we are missing a voice for those who Australia must settle with – First Nations people remain politically voiceless.

‘Elated’: Leibler optimistic on next steps for Uluru Statement

Mark Leibler was there when the Uluru Statement was declared. Now he thinks he will be here when it becomes law.

Transformative power of Uluru sends a message to the Jewish heart

MICHAEL VISONTAY: A visit to the red centre can ignite the spark that helps a child or bystander find the voice of an advocate.

New hope 30 years after Mabo

Melissa Castan discusses her father Ron Castan’s legacy, who spearheaded Mabo’s courageous bid for land rights.

Homelands: travelling between nations without leaving Australia

SIDRA KRANZ MOSHINKSY recalls “I have no other country” as she visits remote Indigenous homelands in the Northern Territory

Jewish values should animate endorsement of the Uluru Statement

A new book explores faith perspectives on the Uluru Statement from the Heart. RABBI DAVID SAPERSTEIN highlights major Jewish themes.

Sydney Jewish jeweller’s statement from the heart

Local jeweller partners with Indigenous designer to create a special pin as a symbol of support for the Uluru Statement.

Truth-telling, Recognition and Closing the Gap

Aboriginal leaders recognise the long history of Jewish support but know there is much more to do, writes PAULA TOWERS

Uluru Statement has powerful resonance for Jewish people

Indigenous community leader Thomas Mayor told a packed house at Emanuel Synagogue how the aspirations of First People and Jews have much in common, writes PAULA TOWERS

Australian Jewish support for the Uluru Statement

Learn more about Australian Jewish support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart and why it matters.

The Voice in Hebrew

Hear the Uluru Statement from the Heart in Hebrew