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The Day of Atonement

On Day 2 of the Yom Kippur War, as the IDF was overwhelmed in the Sinai and the Golan Heights, Defence Minister Dayan raised the possibility of ‘the fall of the Third Temple’ – the end of the state of modern Israel. When the war ended, Israel’s morale was shattered and 2,656 soldiers lay dead. Today, as the Israeli public again frets about ‘the fall of the Third Temple’, we bring you a special edition reflecting on the painful legacies of the conflict.

Deflating ‘draw’ marked the transition from old Israel to the new

Remembered today for Israel’s under-preparedness and massive loss of life, the war was a watershed in the decline of the Left and rise of the Right.

‘We came back like humiliated rag dolls’: the shame of captured soldiers

Soldiers taken prisoner in 1973 were stigmatised for returning alive, tortured or not. They tell EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON about their battle for recognition of their trauma.

‘A meeting of two crises’: a country at war and a singer who felt washed up

MATTI FRIEDMAN has chronicled the story of how Leonard Cohen’s strange, impromptu tour in ’73 became a pathway into the memory of the War for Israelis.

Golda never identified as a feminist; others projected that onto her

Despite her desire to avoid being cast as a ‘feminist’ through becoming PM, the war ironically established a distinct gender discourse around her historical character.

1973 helped heal Egypt’s psychological scars and restore Arab pride

Though it ended in a stalemate, the war was heralded as a military victory in Egypt. Sadat later turned it into a political triumph in 1979 by regaining its lost Sinai territory.

‘Never seen anything like this’: Aussies watched war from their balcony

Colonel Keith Howard and his wife Joan were in the Golan Heights on a UN post-1967 truce posting, when the sky suddenly filled with screaming jets.

LISTEN Yom Kippur War playlist: the soundtrack of ‘73

SHAHAR BURLA and LIMOR FAYENA: The fighting sparked an outpouring of poignant lyrics and melancholy melodies that sadly, remain relevant today.